Recovery Week Annotations [Feature Request]

i applied in Plan Builder a “Olympic Triathlon Plan” without any Event, only as Training for 52 weeks and i removed the Swim Workouts, so it’s more ore less a “Olympic Duathlon Plan”, but how is the logic for the recovery weeks?

Normaly every 4th week there is a recovery week, but when i take a look on it, i think it’s different, is this normal?

The Olympic tri plans are in 6 week blocks so don’t follow the 3 on 1 off pattern in the same way. That might be why it’s looking different to you?

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it’s a mix of 6, 8 and 4 week blocks applied with Plan Builder and the Option “+ Week Tips” is missing where you get an complete Week Description and some Tips, so i am not sure if it is correct or not.

I don’t know, if it make a difference, when you apply it for 52 weeks long, so i have to play arround with 50, 48, 46 weeks to get for every block a 6 week block?

The fact that the rest weeks are different is rather new for me, I was just thinking about it because I am already 50 years old and I am not getting any younger, and I only train for myself, I am far away from races or something like that and of course i read the book “Fast after 50” by Joe Friel and he recommend more recovery for peoples like me.

Sure, i can look on the lower TSS week to see, when the Training is lower!

The 3 on 1 off pattern worked for me totally good before i started my TR-Career and when i have a logic, then i can plan my things arround my training a little bit better, thats all

Hey there!

I just chatted with Coach Chad about this and he mentioned that the recovery weeks in the Tri plans can be a little trickier to spot than in the standard cycling programs. In the case of the Olympic plan, the “recovery” usually comes in the form of a reduction of the intensity of the hard workouts of the day, rather than simply endurance paced riding/running.

The good news is, that the Plan Builder takes care of all of this for you! It knows which weeks are slight recoveries, and will populate into your plan appropriately :+1:


thanks a lot, very helpfull!

i am not sure, but it looks like my calendar don’t show the week labels via Plan Builder, i already contacted support too!

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there are no week labels for the tri plans in the calendar. you have to go into the plans to read the weekly suggestions. it’s a bit of a struggle, I agree.

thats really strange, yesterday i received an screenshot by support and there you can see the week label on the calendar, i tried with Chrome and Firefox (latest version) on Windows Machine and can’t see.

i am not sure, if the screenshot of support is done by a Apple Browser or so, but it looks different

That’s strange. Did they realize you’re on a tri plan?

I have done many of the tri plans over the years and never had the weekly notes in the calendar. But With the cycling plans they are always there. So at least for me that doesn’t seem to be a display bug.

I remember vaguely some previous thread on this forum about it with an answer from TR. Maybe I can dig it up.

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I went ahead and added ‘weekly annotations’ as a feature request to our developers. It’s definitely a bit tricky to identify the recovery weeks, and we agree @schmidt that it can be arduous to read through each week’s description. We hear you loud and clear! Thanks for the suggestion! :v:


wow, thats great of you both! @IvyAudrain @schmidt :ok_hand: