Training plans - lower volume after 2 or 3 weeks

I was an amateur competitive cyclist 10 years ago and I am getting a bit more serious again in cycling this winter. A lot has changed and I started using trainerroad and selected a base phase training plan. What I don’t see is a week of less stress/workload after 2 or 3 weeks of training. I remember doing that when I was racing. Is this coming in the later phases or is this system not incorporated in the training plans?

What training plans are you looking at? I’ve just looked at couple of low volume plans in the base and build phase and I can spot the recovery weeks.

Presumably you are doing Sweet Spot Base?

If so, that is set with 5 work weeks to 1 recovery week. Most other TR plans are 3 work weeks to 1 recovery week.

ok guys, thank you for pointing that out. I do believe I might have selected Sweet Spot Base. Is there any way to see that after it is in your calendar?
Good to know the other ones have it! Thank you for your quick replies!

If you’ve added a plan to your calendar then each workout should appear on the appropriate day. If you want to view other plans go to “training plans” then “base”, “build” or “speciality” and select the appropriate one.

To figure out the rest weeks, check the TSS value for each week, what you should see is each week having a higher TSS until one has about 50% of the previous week, that’s the rest week :wink:

If you go to the week where the plan starts, there is an entry saying “start of ssb…” or whatever. Each week also has a box with info for it. Week 6 is the recovery week in ssb.

ok found it, thanks!