Half-Distance and Full-Distance High Vol Triathlon Plan... Error?

I’m working to schedule my training and racing plan for the season. After browsing the full and half triathlon high volume plans, they appear to be the exact same and the high volume half distance plan is also 12 weeks. Hoping one of the TR guys can chime in and let me know if I’ve lost my ability to read after the new year!


I’ve just looked, they’re different in all phases of the high volume.

Check out weeks five and seven of each for the differing TSS.

Full distance also goes up to five ride me per week in speciality.

Run and swim volumes are very different.

There are similarities though.

@JoeX looks like it was fixed, the base for half distance was 12 weeks earlier today. That, or I clicked the wrong one. Either way, problem solved and case closed!

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We had an issue with the promotion of active training plans but the issues should now be resolved. Sorry for the confusion!



I’ve reported an issue previously with the Low Volume Base plan and posted it on here but it’s still not been fixed.

When you add the Full distance low volume base plan to your calendar. The Saturday ride of week 7 is big mountain - 3hrs, the Sunday should be a 1hr 30 Long base run which is ther. But also there is the following Sundays (Cumberland + run) brick workout.

I’ll share this with our Customer Support Leaders to look into when they get back into the office on Monday :+1:

Thanks George!

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Hi Bryce. Any news as it’s still wrong.

Should be all sorted out now :+1:

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Fantasic thanks!!!

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