Re-doing Sweet spit base 1 or moving on to SSB2

Hi all,

I finished my season in late Sep doing an FTP test after a 2 week break and hitting 298.

Since then, I have been hit by illness and leg problems which effectively stopped my training until December. I redid FTP and started SSB1 at 267 Watts.

I’m due to finish this at the end of next week and I’m not sure whether to do SSB2 or redo 1 (I have no pressing races/events I’m training for). I did a Zwift race and put out 315W for 10mins so assume my FTP is heading back towards where it should be - I’ve also been relatively comfortably finishing all the prescribed workouts even doing some back to back to back hard days (over/under / long SS / over/unders again) without too many issues.

Should I redo SSB1 and get the muscular endurance at the new and more reasonable FTP whatever it comes out at or go straight into SSB2 - I’m slightly concerned about going from sets at 88-94% of 267 up to 95-100% of (say) 285-290 watts may be too big a jump. If anyone has experienced something similar in the past I’d really value any advice/sharing experiences.


Do SSB2 - the progression should be feasible even with a new FTP value

No harm in trying SSB2. The worst thing that can happen is that you need to go back to SSB1.

On the other hand you have no pressing target so why not go back to SSB1 Part 2?

SSB1 and SSB2 is a 12 week block of progressive base building. I would proceed with SSB2.

One of the reasons the twelve weeks are broken into 1 and 2 is that you can do Base-SSB1-SSB2 > Build > Base-SSB2 > Build if you have time.