Sweet Spot Base Phase - Accidentally Started at Phase 2

So here I am in week 4 of my base phase and I realized I scheduled and nearly completed Phase 2 instead of Phase 1 (newbie mistake). Is it worth going back and doing Phase 1 or should I just move on to the Build Phase? I have struggled through some of the work outs but I have been able to finish without my power slipping. My end goal is to be ready for a Dirty Kanza length gravel ride next year.

Iā€™m sure this happens to quite a few people out there so no worries! Since there is a progression from SSB1 to SSB2, going back to SSB1 now would have you decrease your average weekly TSS. Unless you have time to go back and do SSB1 and SSB2, I would recommend just redoing Sweet Spot Base 2. You will have a Ramp Test as your first workout of the plan, retest your FTP, and you can go from there! :slight_smile: