Repeating SSB2 question?


Just finished SSB2 and earned a good FTP bump (ramp test).

In planning my season, I realize now I want to be going “fast” later. Is it ok to repeat SSB2 again?


I think the TR crew would suggest moving to build and a specialty, maybe not the one for your a event, then a rebuild and your final specialty. Too much of the same will leave you stagnent.

I don’t think he has time to do a build base build, which is the normal suggestion.

Nothing wrong with base base build specialty, I’ve been doing it the past few years. I don’t do SSB1, but favor SSB2. The older FAQ suggested to skip SSB1 if you were an experienced rider, not sure if it has the same suggestion.

Exactly. My idea is another SSB2 mid-volune follwed by Build and Specialty.

If repeating SSB II one more time lines you up more closely with your target event, then that is a totally viable progression option :slight_smile:

Thank you !

Close to what I’m doing.
First ten week weeks of SSB mid volume I and II. then repeating I and II. Then build followed by speciality to my A race in mid August. Then back to something for CX season

Now that’s intense! Wishing you a major fitness bump!

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Thank you. Hoping for it as well. I had great short power and bursts - pretty good crit season - but lacked base and it showed during CX season.

I’ll be sprinkling in quite a bit of racing as well so it won’t be strictly TR until August.

I did SSB Mid and after finishing the plan I decided to repeat the 2nd part (currently).

But i my case I tought that doing more base would be better than more build due I want to race in June, July and August, so a larger base should give me a larger foundations. Also it is my first year doing base.

My fear starting build phase and adding more TSS was to peak too soon.