Sweet Spot Base complete, FTP question

I just finished ssb 1 and 2 mid volume. I was consistent in completing workouts however I did a few outdoor workouts in place of the planned tr rides just to stay fresh in group scenarios. My question is I lost 8 lbs over the period but my ftp just tested 8W lower than the ftp I completed the plans on.
Did I do something wrong? My W/kg is basically unchanged. Also I did a group ride Saturday which training peaks informed me I had a new ftp of 275 W which is 5 W higher than I was training ssb.
In a nutshell
Start of SSB 2 weeks post finishing a sepacalty crit plan and racing all winter.
84 kg and ramp test 270 W (3.21 W/kg)
Post SSB 1 and 2 at 270 W ftp
81 kg and ramp test 262 W (3.21 W/kg)

My plan is to move with my new 262 W FTP into sustained power build the 40k TT in preparation for a 20 mile hill climb in September.

Considering that you’re looking to do well in a hill climb, I’d think that losing weight at a manageable rate without losing power is a good thing as it ultimately will improve your w/kg in the future. I’d expect you to see more increases in FTP with the build and specialty phases coming up than with the base phases you just completed.

From what I can gather, SSB 1 & 2 are designed to create a foundation for your fitness and improvement, not necessarily lead to massive improvements on their own. Perhaps somebody with more time on TR and with more knowledge than me can back that up.

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Depending on which rides you substituted outdoor rides for, odds are you just tested poorly.

Were you able to complete Lamarck and Leconte at the end of SSB2 without issue at your 270 FTP? If so, I’d continue training at 270. If Sustained Power Build is going well, you could even dial it up to 275 and see how you go. Without looking at your ride results, it’s hard to say anything for sure.

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In my case I did Lamarck ok but failed on Leconte.
At this point I’m planning to do a block of VO2 max workouts and repeat SSB 1 and 2

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Training Peak’s threshold notification is not reliable. It just looks if 95% of 20MMP of the work > current set threshold.

Unless you are a TT phenotype with low anaerobic work capacity, this usually results in an FTP that is too high.


In my case, TP is usually low unless I specifically do a 20min test. I’d be training 20 watts too low if I went by their suggested FTP this season. Either way, it’s not a great measure unless you’re specifically testing 20 min sustained efforts.

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I’d do the VO2max block at 270 then, and retest prior to SSB1. You can always up/down adjust intensity during VO2 work if needed.

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My last ramp test prior to SSB2 was 185. 270 is way too high. I’m going to ramp test prior to the VO2 block

I completed lamarak but was .02 IF below what it was supposed to be. Looks like I did an outside workout instead of Leconte. So I don’t think I failed lamarak but I struggled to complete it.image

Sorry man, I lost track of who I was responding to. My 270 comment was intended for @Kenneth_Walter

I’d recommend testing before your VO2 block; that’s a good call. Revisiting SSB is a good idea. I did similar with good results in consolidating my early season gains, and now I feel like I’m ready to climb up the FTP ladder a little higher.

That file looks fine. The .02 could be recovery time or just being a hair lower than target power. Pretty common for me to nail a workout but end up a TSS point or IF 0.01 lower because of erg mode. I think 270 is safe for you right now.

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I think I’ll set it back at 270 and see how it goes. Thanks everyone for the advice and input.

losing weight and getting stronger isn’t always easier, but as you stabilize at 81kg you will get stronger and be better off in the long run, so keep training towards your goals and you’ll crush it.

keep us posted with how it goes!