Ramp Tests too close together?

So last week, the adaptive training gave me a ramp test to complete, then 7 days later it’s asking me to do this again?

It feels too close together to gather any meaningful information?

Research the Internet, I’ve not seen any info regarding doing this so close together. Is there any reason behind this or is it just an error warning n the matrix

That shouldn’t happen. I would just ignore the second one and continu with the value the first one gave you and retest after this upcoming block.

Agreed. Instead, use TrainNow to pick a workout for that day.

Ramp tests don’t need to more than every 4-6 weeks. If you’re using PB and AT then I’d reach out to TR support to see why a ramp test was scheduled. That appears to be an error unless you manipulated your training plan.

Agreed, shouldn’t happen.

How was your original plan created - standard plan or Plan Builder? Have you made any manual changes to that plan?

Thanks All,

i started with the plan builder, and haven’t changed anything, the adaptive training has changed some workouts as it should.
i have done extra workouts outside recently as time and weather has allowed, i wonder if its treating it as a low intensity workout (est tss 34) to fit in with the plan?

ill feed it back to TR support and see what they think

Thanks all!

No, ramp tests aren’t used as “filler” workouts. They are scheduled in phases and purpose build into an overall training plan. It’s an error if ramp tests are scheduled a week apart.