Two Ramp Tests one week apart - what alternate workout? [Resolved ✅]

My current plan has two ramp tests inserted one week apart. For the first ramp test, I opted for AI FTP Detection, and then I was given an alternate workout to complete. Now a week later, there is another temp test on my calendar but because it’s been less than 14 days since my last AI FTP Detection, I can’t bypass it and get an alternate workout.

I’ll likely just delete the ramp test and use TrainNow, but I wondered if anyone has found a better solution?

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That sounds weird, I’d contact support about this.

I don’t think you need the delete the ramp test. Just accept the number that AI FTP gives you and then use TrainNow.


I contacted support this morning. The close ramp tests were, I think, a function of cramming a plan into a too-short time window between plan start and my target event.

The recommendation was to ignore today’s ramp test and to use TrainNow.


Yea, I had that happen once. I just ignored the second test and picked an appropriate workout.

Glad the team was able to help out! :sunglasses: