Ramp Test Timing

This will be my 2nd ramp test ever. The first was when I started TR a few weeks ago. I have a recovery week coming up, with a fun 50-mile IRL MTB “C” race on Saturday. Then back to a “hard” week with a 2-hour Threshold on Thursday, then a 2-hour Sweet Spot on Friday, then the Ramp Test on Saturday… on what will surely be pretty fatigued legs and a false FTP result.

Does not seem like it makes sense. This is TR’s Adaptive High-Volume plan with my A-race in mid-February. Should I manually adapt TR’s plan?

Have you done any manipulation to the workout days within the Plan Builder steps or after the plan was added to your calendar?

That looks odd, and I wonder if it is a result of changes / shifting of workouts in the week. Ramps usually take place in the very first workout of a week, right after a recovery week. That is the typical approach at least.

Sometimes, events on the calendar and other conditions lead to odd test placement. May be best to contact support@trainerroad.com so they can review the deeper info we can’t access.

I did want to shift the days that were Endurance to Monday and Wednesday. And to do that, I had to delete the existing plan and have TR rebuild it from scratch. I think I went through that destroy/rebuild process 2-3 times. But that shouldn’t have messed it up. The weeks look great now, with my Endurance days exactly how I need them. It is just the Ramp Test that got confused. I can just skip the ramp test and manually adjust my FTP up a bit I guess. The next two ramp tests are on Mondays after a Sunday rest day.

  • Based on that, are you absolutely certain that you had an empty calendar before getting the final plan on the calendar?

I ask because sometimes, deleting a plan may not clear all the workouts from the calendar. Reasons behind that vary, but leftover workouts are not uncommon, and can lead to confusing situations like this when the new plan lands around those stragglers.

Again, a look by support may be worthwhile.

Could have been some leftover workouts, I guess. It looks like the only strange artifact is the timing of this one ramp test. Rather than mess with the plan (which looks perfect right now), I’ll just swap the ramp for my normal Saturday IRL long Endurance ride. I could try to up my FTP 5-7W and see how the subsequent workouts go… until the next ramp test a couple of weeks later. Thanks, Chad!

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