Ramp test interval in AT

Im on a low volum plan, and I did my last ramp test about a month ago. It was unscheduled, as i felt my workouts where too easy. Today i started on a build phase, easy/endurance work last week, but no ramp test scheduled for another two weeks. 1,5+ months beetween tests seem long to me, could it be caused by the unscheduled ramp test? Did a scheduled vo2 max session today and it felt way to easy. Should I do another unscheduled ramp test, or will that just cause more trouble down the line?

I have nine weeks between tests in my current Plan Builder plan. I think it probably depends on the timing of events and the phases that you’ve ended up with in your plan.

In my case it’s first ramp test at SSB1 (six weeks) then a mini-build of three weeks, then SSB2 which starts with my second ramp test. It makes sense to me since you wouldn’t expect much of an FTP bump until you’ve done some build - there’s probably not much point in my doing one after the six weeks of SSB1. That said, if I’m feeling stronger I may do a manual bump or slot in a test. Bring on the new FTP estimation!

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That makes sense! My plan seems similar, and I am starting a mini build this week (hadn’t noticed it was mini), then a ramp test at the start of base 2. I couldn’t see the logic, witch was a bit frustrating.

Anyway, I guess an unscheduled test won’t cause problems then.

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