Why do I have two RAMP tests scheduled

Hi everyone,
I am on a low volume training plan and I have two RAMP tests scheduled a week apart is this a glitch in the software? My understanding is that I have one every 6 weeks and not one every week. Does anyone know why this is the case

That will be a mistake. Did you use PlanBuilder or just schedule a regular plan?

Did you add in A, B and C races? It probably has something to do with that. At least that would be my initial guess. In any case, send an email to support@trainerroad.com and they’ll be able to sort you out. It will also put it on their radar as a potential bug to fix.

I used plan builder

I added a B race when I built my plan up in December last year. I dnt know if that causes problems. Given that I added the race in December it should not be having that problem.

Did you alter the plan since making it initially in December? Then when the new plan update went live did you accept the changes?

My weeks start on Sundays so when I shift everything back a day and then use the system (Plan Builder) to make changes I need to fix the week I have shifted.