Changed training days, plan has completely changed

Very new to Trainerroad and very much enjoying the experience. I had created a long plan through the Plan Builder - SSB1, SSB2, Build, Specialty. Mid-Volume.

As per norm, I had a ramp test to begin and workouts adapted to that. After 2 weeks, I have decided the days of the week in relation to the training are not right for me, so changed the order in the “Base 1” tab.

It through out the new workouts in the correct days which is excellent, however a couple of things concern me.

  1. It wants me to do a ramp test tomorrow. I just done one 2 weeks ago and wasn’t scheduled another until the end of the block. Is this expected? Seems premature

  2. The workouts are also much higher in the ratings such as Sweet Spot were rated 2.7 building to 3.6 over the next few weeks. It’s now changed these to 4.8 building to 5.8. Again is this expected?

My next Threshold workout (Difficult day) was planned as “Kennedy” Threshold 3.0. It’s now changed to “McAdie” Threshold 5.1.

Although these may all change after the “premature” ramp test.

Thoughts or comments?

I would reach out to and ask. It seems wrong to me - like something got messed up in the change. Support should be able to sort you out, that’s what they are there for.


If you move one of the workouts on the calender, does it go “checking for adaptions” and then bring them down. In the past when I’ve had the same issue, I’ve added a random workout and then removed it and it’s caused the PL of future workouts to reset

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Check with support, but my thought is that if you spread your training days out, i.e. there is now a rest day in between, perhaps TR determined it was ok to make that workout harder?

Also, on the day of your ramp test, you can open the app, and it will let you choose to use AI FTP detection rather than doing the ramp test. It will give you a workout in place of the ramp test. At that time, it may adapt the rest of your calendar - see if it adapts to something that seems more reasonable.

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thanks for the prompt replies. I have emailed support.

@WombleHunter nope, opened the app on phone and desktop, checks for adaptations and none required.

@Julie_Kanagy thank you. Will see what happens.


Cool, but I think you have to move / add delete a workout (in my experiance) for it to realise that something has changed, other wise it checks for adaptons, see nothing has changed and doesn’t bother

Anyways … sorry, hopefully support can help u

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You don’t need to wait until the day. The scheduled ramp test just needs to be your next wo. My self the last time I used it I finished my last recovery workout on a Thursday and the scheduled ramp test was the next workout but not to the next Tuesday and the AI FTP detection option was available all that time in the Career tab.

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Yeah I just enabled the FTP AI and it suggested a 2.4% increase. 252 to 258. Haven’t accepted it yet though.

I would personally wait til support straightens it out for you, not saying the advice here isn’t valid. Just saying support will fix it properly.
If you have a workout you want to do tonight and they don’t fix it by then, pick an alternate that is more in line with your progression levels.


Yes, that’s right. Thanks for the correction!

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