Cancelling time off inserted an “unnecessary” ramp test

Last Tuesday (five days ago) I was supposed to do a ramp test but as usual, I did AI FTP detection a couple of days before that, skipped the ramp test, and used train now instead. Today (Sunday) I was scheduled to do a 2 hour endurance workout which is standard for me except on rest week. But here’s the thing: next Saturday, I was scheduled to have a day off and had that built into my plan. But my wife and I had to cancel those plans, so as per the instructions, I went into my calendar and deleted the time off and had the software adapt my plan. But now, all of a sudden the 2 hour endurance ride for today was replaced with a ramp test. See attached screenshot. That’s even though my last FTP adjustment was only a week ago, and so of course I can’t do AI ftp detection. Is this expected behavior? What should I do? Is this just another case of “skip the ramp test and just use train now?” Or is there a reason I really need to use the ramp test.

On this subject, even on regularly scheduled ramp test weeks, the software should be more intelligent about seeing that AI detection has happened and offer to “adapt” the ramp test out of the plan and insert a workout (or rest, as the case may be) into the plan.

I forget where it is but IIRC there’s something asked when you set up a plan whether or not you want to have ramp tests in the plan. I must have ticked that I don’t as I have no ramp tests and if the plan adapts like that there’s no adapted in ramp test either. If I remember ramp tests adapted in whenever you made any changes to the plan. In the absence of finding that option I would just go to the workout library, find Olympia instead, but in the grad scheme of things it won’t matter if you use TN either.

@HLaB , Olympia wasn’t what I was supposed to do. It was something else, that is now lost. But I think your point is correct. My version of what you recommended is to use Train Now and have TR pick what it thinks is the right 2 hour workout for today. I’ve already looked and it is suggesting things that seem aligned with what I was supposed to do today. Also, thanks for the possible tip on removing ramp tests. If I can find a setting that seems to do that, I will immediately try it because that would solve both of my issues going forward.

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Hey @tobogranyte, I think that @HLaB is right.

It looks like you’ve selected Ramp Tests instead of AI FTP Detection.

You can switch this by clicking on the training phase annotation on your calendar (right now that would be “Short Power Build - Mid Volume Start” on February 13th) and then clicking on AI FTP Detection.

Let me know if this helps and if you have any questions along the way!

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Wow. Right you are. I just changed that. Thanks!

Do I get asked that when setting up my phases? I don’t remember ever being asked that. For sure I would never pick ramp test. AI FTP detection is the bomb.

I had a similar thing yesterday, I rebuilt my plan and the ramp test option had reset, I had to revert back to AI FTP detection again in the settings.

Hey @tobogranyte & @NealeH,

Neither of you did anything wrong here. It turns out that there is a bug that’s causing plans to default to Ramp Tests right now. I just discovered this yesterday while building a new plan on my test account.

It’s on our radar and we’ll get this taken care of as soon as possible! :factory_worker:

As for now, manually switching over to AI FTP Detection just as you’ve done is the best workaround.

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FWIW: this is still happening.

Thanks for staying in touch! The bug report is still open which means that an engineer hasn’t resolved this issue just yet. It’s still on our list of things to do though!