When to Ramp Test and sticking with the plan

I began my training in Dec 31, 2019 with a ramp test. I earned a low 152 FTP. Began training using plan builder for an A event on May 2, 2020. It was a solo ride with a big mountain climb in the middle for my birthday. By May 2 I earned a 168FTP. I rode rode the climb at 182-186watts for the 3 miles and PR’d the climb.

Ramp Test FTP 172

Training Block

Then Ramp Test 196

Then Ramp Test 210

All of these ramp tests were scheduled by Plan Builder.

Switched to Low Volume so I could ride with my fiance’ Wednesday and Saturday or Sunday…and still got stronger because now I have more volume?

Since we are not racing live, I plotted out some Strava TT courses and the locals have been hitting the course for fun. My next go at it is July 3.

I ramped the two weeks before I was supposed to because I had 3 days of pretty easy riding in the low 200’s.

On June 12 my FTP increased to 246. YAY! Much weight lost as well and a better fueling plan. Last week was adaptation week.

Should I ramp test this week as scheduled? Or workout this block of SSB2 at 246?

I know I can hit the VO2 intervals with concentration. Would you test this week or wait an entire block to test when scheduled. I have only missed 4 workouts total since Jan 2.

First of all congrats on the gains, you’re killing it!! I doubt your ftp has changed much one way or the other since June 12. I’d stick with 246 for SSB2 & replace the ramp test with Taylor -1.

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Thanks. I agree. Being that I am a musician I can get stuck following the plan like the years it took to be a professional conductor.

Haven’t done Taylor-1. Will do that.


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