Ramp Test Placement in Full Tri Distance Base Plan

Question about the Ramp Test Placement in the Tri Full Distance Base Plan. I have always understood (with consistent periodized training) that training adaptations tend to take place within 4 to 6 weeks, maybe upwards to 8 weeks. The Ramp Test (or I would assume FTP test of choice) takes place at the beginning of the 12 week plan and at the end of the 12 weeks, versus 6 weeks. Just curious the reasoning for testing after 12-weeks versus 6 weeks. If I am training consistently and adapting to the training stress, seems like 12 weeks is a longer time to wait to retest?

I had exactly the same question so spoke to support:

All of our training plans are made according to what will be the best training. That said, I’m not sure why there are two Ramp Tests six-weeks apart for Sweet Spot and not Full Distance.
If you are worried about training with the same FTP for that amount of time, I would recommend completing a second Ramp Test around the six-week mark.

I don’t know if the support agent mentioned it to the plan authors or not and if changes are planned. If sneaking in a test at 6 weeks doesn’t work for you, adjusting on the fly is often recommended.


Awesome thank you for the response! Unless it is something for tri specific training?

The person I spoke to in support didn’t think it was for a good reason that they could find. Probably an oversight.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll take a ramp test then mid way through the plan.

I had a similar question about the Ramp Test placement in the Specialize phase. I’m doing the mid-volume, full distance. I started the specialize phase today with an FTP test. My IM is in eight weeks, but there are no more FTP tests in the training plan. So I guess I go with today’s number on race day? How accurate will it be given that I have several more weeks of training and a taper?

As for your concern, I went the full twelve weeks of the base phase with only the single test in the first week The last few weeks of base training, it was pretty clear that my FTP had increased because the workouts were getting easier. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. If you do base-build-specialize, it is 28 weeks of training. That is a long time to do structured training. I think it is a good idea to do the base training on the easier side to avoid burnout.

I’m extrapolating a bit from the podcasts but I think this is fine and intentional. The specialty phase probably won’t boost your FTP much. There’s not a lot of intensity there but there is a lot of long slow distance, so I expect the desired adaptations are for your ability to maintain your target intensity factor for the duration of the race.

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I did my ramp test this week, which is the 4th week in the base plan. given most adaptations occur if progressing consistently every 4-6 weeks, I am testing during each taper week (after each four week block). I am glad I did because had an 8% FTP improvement from the baseline ramp test in the first week to the 4th week and can continue to build base fitness for my IM. Given the way the program is developed, which has been pretty great for me personally so far, I am expecting improvement again after these next four weeks.

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Awesome! Glad it worked out and let us know how you get on.

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Bumping this topic again. I’m 4 weeks into my MV Full Distance plan. I feel like I should be performing a ramp (I will after my rest week).

I’m just wondering if there’s good reason why ramps are only incorporated into the start of new blocks and not regularly throughout.