How often do I repeat the ramp test


Im new to TR - obviously the first session was my initial ramp test. I’m now doing mid-volume base long distance Tri plan - scrolling through the weeks I can’t see any scheduled repeat of the test.

Even after 5wks in Im pretty sure Im fitter - I just assumed it would be automatically scheduled to repeat the test every 4-6wks. So do I just substitute any mid wk workout in a week I fancy it - typically every 4-6wks?


Every plan has it at the beginning of the plan and some (like general build i’m doing now) had them every four weeks. That’s what i would keep and if you feel like you’ve gotten fitter, just bump up the individual workouts a couple of %. You could also bump up your FTP manually if you feel like every workout is to easy. Just keep in mind that the plans do get harder and more intense as the weeks go by.

If you feel like you’ve gained fitness then just test again.

The full distance tri base plan is unique compared to the others in that it doesn’t have a second ramp test.

Possibly intentional. My guess is to not go overboard on the bike because the fatigue of biking 9 hours a week and running/swimming 4 hours each per week is going to accumulate quickly. I got tired just thinking about it.


Are you coming off the couch or have you been at this a while?

Hi Ive been doing Tri for last ten years - had a month off recovering from hernia op but actually feeling quite strong quite quickly.

I think I’ll retest then in next couple of weeks…