Why so many ramp test?

I just resigned up to TR and I noticed when I created my plan, it has me do a ramp test every 4 weeks. I know the last time I did TR with a training plan I didn’t do that many ramp tests. Is there a reason I need to do one every 4 weeks?

Compliance is mandatory.


The ramp tests will continue until morale improves.


Yeah, because you are crazy good & you’ll be putting 20W/month on your FTP for sure.

But, if you don’t want to do a ramp test that often (because it feels like an epidermoty) just add 5W to your FTP and go another 4 weeks.




TR overprescribes ramp tests big time. Feel free to skip some. I test FTP maybe 4 times a year max, and that is plenty. I can pretty much accurately guess mine, and a test just confirms my zones are right.

Sure, maybe if you’re new, but anyone with some training experience, its overkill.


If you can’t “guess” like others then you need some datum to set the training intensities for the workouts. If it’s too high, you’ll struggle. If it’s too low it won’t work you hard enough.
I thought all training platforms had some form of testing, though I may be wrong - otherwise you may as well not bother.

Consider it another workout and to make it worthwhile do something like Homers Nose straight after. There’s a thread/blog on what workouts to do after ramp tests somewhere around here. :grin: :+1:t2:


not following the plan and then complain how “TR made me slower”


They do indeed, and the ramp test under predicts for me (for once I am not average, when it would be better to be, I’m outside the 85% of the bell curve). I was substituting them for 20min tests pre TT season but during the season 20min tests are too much IMO so I have mostly kept my FTP the same. The season has just ended so I’ll restart testing but I think I’ll try a 8mins test.

Ramp tests are planned at the start of every block in base and specialty, and also midway in build. So for the two base blocks it would be once every 6 weeks. Build blocks are 8 weeks but have a ramp test after recovery week 1. I’d say you could skip the one in the middle of build if you don’t like them. You might improve a bit in the first 4 weeks but even then you’ll still be in the right zones for the 2nd part of build.

The reason you’d want to test frequently is to keep making sure your baseline is correct. To far off and you’ll be training different energy systems than the plan wants you to do.


Question - you’ve signed up and are questioning the system. Why? :thinking:

I’m not wanting to challenge anyone or you on this but…

If you do the ramp tests and follow the plan maybe you’ll get the best results. Maybe you’ll decide to not do all the ramp tests, go by “feel” and as such at the end of the blocks you will have still improved.

Now if you didn’t do all the ramp tests maybe you’ll not have maximised all the potential gains on offer as some workouts could be “off”. Maybe you could have improved more but no one will know.

It’s your choice but I think they’re there to keep the training load relevant to you as workouts can be tweaked by each one. And doing more of them you’ll get better at doing them… :grin: