No ramp test scheduled after SSB1?

I recently completed SSB1 HV on a plan created using plan builder. This week is my down week and then I begin the build phase. Looking ahead to next week there is no ramp test scheduled. Is this a bug in my schedule or should I not be doing a ramp test after this block of training?

Is this “Build” a shorter phase than the normal 8 week program?

  • If so, that might explain the omission of a RT now, if there is one that follows in another week or two. Might help to see more than just the new Work week in your overall plan.

Yes, this build phase is only 3 weeks long with a ramp test to kick off SSB2 right after. I hadn’t realized this upcoming build phase was so short. That would probably explain things


Thanks @mcneese.chad!

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You bet. Even though there is not a test scheduled, you can consider adding or substituting one in there. Consider if you think you made some gains from the prior weeks of training as a potential guide.

Even if you think you have progressed, you can skip a test, roll into the Build workouts and see if they feel “right” according to the Duration, Intensity Factor and such. If not, you can manually bump up the Workout Intensity in the workout to get the “right” feel. Based on that, you can then manually update your FTP in the app to mimic whatever WI adjustment you found appropriate.

Lots of options if you want to consider something prior to the next official test on the schedule.

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Great tips! I’ll try out the first few workouts and see how things go from there. This is my first build block so it may be helpful to not adjust my FTP at the start to get a feel for some higher % FTP work. Also, happy 2 years on the forum!

  • Agreed, that sounds like a great plan.
  • Thanks!!! It’s been a great couple of years, and I appreciate all the support comments in that thread and elsewhere. Such a surprise and makes me feel so great :smiley: