Ramp Test advice/Adjusting planned sessions

Just after some advice from the community regarding timing of my next Ramp Test. To put things into context:

  • I am in midway through (Recovery Week) of the Century Mid Vol.
  • During this week I have completed Whorl (1:15hr/50TSS) on Tues, skipped Wed, outdoor group ride (sucking wheel 1:35/92TSS) on Thurs and skipped this mornings ride (Sat here in Melb, Aus).
  • I had a Ramp Test scheduled for Tues (Xmas Day) but moved that to Monday.
  • My riding group have organised longer rides in the hills Sunday and Monday in prep for 250km Audax ride in 4 weeks.
  • Going away after Xmas for two weeks so will be having a lighter week next week and longer outdoor rides the week after.
  • I have two bikes and use the Tacx Flux PM on the indoor trainer and a Stages on the outdoor bike.

Question - Do I do a Ramp Test today (Sat) to measure improvement even though I won’t get back on the trainer for 2 weeks OR wait until I get back to do the Ramp Test?

When you get back makes sense as you will lose fitness during that time as outdoor rides rarely, if ever, equal indoor efforts.

You’re likely to loose a little fitness and may want a ramp test when you get back due to all the interruptions in the upcoming schedule. If you feel like you want a measure of your fitness now to evaluate your training, no harm in doing a test on Monday. The only caveat is that if you’re fatigued and think Monday may not go well, no need to derail yourself mentally.