Ramp testing before, during or after recovery week

I’m starting my SSBMV1 recovery week this week and was thinking of bringing my ramp test forward. Here are my thoughts.

  1. I spend my recovery weeks thinking about the impending ramp test and find it hard to motivate myself for the endurance / recovery efforts as a result.
  2. I think I perform pretty well with a bit of fatigue in my legs on a ramp test. Plus if I don’t I could always do it again.
  3. I’d still do the recovery week - so would still get the benefit from that.
  4. I front load my weeks anyway with 4 of my 5 workouts done midweek, meaning I’m coming in to the week relatively fresh after only 1 weekend ride on Saturday.

I’d be really interested to hear what experiences are out there on this.
Having typed this out I think I’ve answered my own question and I’ll do a ramp test mid week and see how that goes - I can always re-do it at the weekend or on Monday if I don’t perform well.

^^^ This ^^^

Agreed, looks like you’ve answered your question with a good approach.

One other idea, and one I’ve tried my last two ramp tests is to do an opener the day before. I try to do my opener about 24 hours before when I think I’ll do my ramp test. I like to aim for over 24 hours rather than under if I think it’ll be a concern.

Truuli seems to be a popular one. I’ve done the -1 version and liked it.



Thanks for the feedback. Going to put today in as a rest day then and hit the ramp tomorrow.

Extra pressure of reporting back on it should be worth an extra few watts :smile: