PlanBuilder switched my workouts 😱

Upon checking what today’s workout will look like (Darwin was planned), my Calender suddenly got changed to a RAMP TEST for today. Is this a bug or by design? I did a Ramp Test starting my Base Phase (321 FTP) and trained now for 3 Weeks on my SSLV2. And normally you don’t do Ramp Tests within the base phase, right?

My last workout (Mills, so VO2max) went really well and I was able to finish it at 105% Level. Could that be the cause, and the algorithm thinks My FTP has to be retested?

Don’t mind doing another Ramp Test, but was also looking forward to Darwin for today.

Many thanks!

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Plan builder does not do any sort of changing to your plan based on a perceived rise in FTP. I’d say this is probably a bug. As far as I know, once you ad the Plan Builder plan to your calendar it won’t make any changes without prompting you first (like in the event of deleting a target race).

Maybe try sending an email to and see if they can look into the back end to get some insight into the swap.

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