Changing Plan in Plan builder always = Ramp


I’ve just had a bunch of shuffles in the race calendar and added them into the plan builder. I got a ramp test I did one a couple of weeks ago, I don’t think the answer is going to be any different today I set the programme start date at the date in December that I originally started from… any ideas? honestly I don’t fancy it at all!

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You should feel free to delete that Ramp Test and substitute it with a different workout via TrainNow if you had an assessment just a couple weeks ago (unless you have had two weeks off, then I’d recommend doing the Ramp Test. Creating a new plan in Plan Builder isnt able to account for the duration of time since your last Ramp Test or what you’ve been doing leading up to it, (although that would be a great feature that I’ll pass along to the team!), it just assigns you one to ensure the efforts during your next block are at the appropriate power targets.


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Do a VO2 workout instead.

This has happened to me a lot with all of the uncertainty around events. I hate that every time you have to make a simple change in your plan, like removing a race that got cancelled or adding a new race that might actually happen, a ramp test is automatically added right away after your plan is recalculated to account for the change. The ramp test replaces whatever workout you were slated to do that day so you have to either try and remember what you were supposed to do or look at the training plans pages to find the workout that was scheduled. It would be really nice if there was something like a simple box to check asking if you want to skip the new ramp test.

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I think this is only relevant in a pandemic isn’t it normally we wouldn’t chop n change like this so I suspect its by design. Just the scope is very different right now. Bring on the autobot scheduler i say @IvyAudrain you can bribe me into the AI program early if you wish I am not shy of receiving free stuff early and I am great example of someone with burnout issues over time.

I also need nagging at times to do workouts :slight_smile: just saying… Here… Waiting xxx

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