Calendar does not reflect the updated plans

Hi there,

I am staring my SSB LV II plan this week and I have added the plan couple weeks ago.
When I check it now, the workouts on calendar and plan are not the same.

For example Week 3 starts with Mills on my calnedar while it starts with Bluebell on the plan.

Is this OK?


The plans, or some of the workouts at least have been revised. I would drop the plan and reload it again.

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yeah but I guess calendar should update it automatically. I have already completed my ramp test. It will show it skipped. I am not sure if I can associate my previous ramp test on this new software.

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If you delete the plan you delete the ramp test. However when you add the plan in again you can tick the ramp test as complete.
Not ideal but updating plans doesn’t happen very often.

True but then the data is gone.

Deleting a plan from the calendar does not delete completed rides. Just reload the new updated plan and it will all match up. Just delete the duplicates.


Im glad you posted this topic, ive already deleted and reloaded the plan, checked this morning after seeing this and its back on the old plan, deleted and re uploaded and all seems fine now.

As mentioned by @Crownan, deleting a plan will not delete completed workouts.


If delete, data and ride stays but you can not associate it. Anyways not a big deal, instead of doing ramp test ], I did a tempo wo :slight_smile:

2021: update your event & it asks to update plan. If you say yes, it does not delete old plan but leaves it on calendar & adds new plan underneath. Very annoying! Can’t it just delete old planned workouts & replace with new???