Help - Not understanding Plan Builder changes

Hi All,

I’ve used plan builder to plan out the rest of my year, so it spat out a plan that alternates between base and build, with specialty starting a couple of weeks before my A event (marathon gravel race) in December. This part is all good.

Covid restrictions were lifted a bit where I live, so I entered a TT that’s happening tomorrow (my first one ever, but desperately craving some action). I marked it as a B event and elected to have the opener added. This is my recovery week - here’s what I don’t understand: As opener PB added a ramp test for today, with the TT happening tomorrow, then it cancelled my Thursday workout and kept my Saturday and Sunday workouts the same.

Shall I not overthink and trust PB or best to replace the Ramp Test with an opener and replace my Sunday workout with the ramp test? Before I added this B race there was no Ramp Test scheduled before the start of my Build phase.

I suggest contacting That sounds a bit like a bug I think I have seen reported previously.


Yeah I wouldn’t follow that, I’m currently in limbo and it did the same thing for me. After this rest week I’m going to completely delete my plan and start fresh. Plan builder works great but with all the changes I’m making due to races getting canceled and new rides/races popping up, it seems to lose track of what it needs to do. I plugged in a last minute 200 mile ride and it prompted me to do a ramp test before that ride, I just ignored it, and hand picked my workouts the 4 days prior to my ride. That was this past Thursday, So I’m taking it easy this week and “cashing in”. And will start completely fresh next week.

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