Ramp Tests and Plan Builder

Ramp Test just dropped my FTP by 6 watts. Plan Builder has given me another Ramp Test in just 4 weeks so I figured I’ll go with the lower value for now and see what happens with the next test.

I’m a little bummed out by the drop but in the last few weeks it has been harder and harder to complete workouts. I’ve always had to drop intensity and twice I finished early. It seemed to happen as I got closer to the end of the Sweet Spot Base cycle.

Now, Plan Builder has put me straight into Speciality Phase with another Ramp Test in 4 weeks. I have my A event 4 weeks after that test and then there’s no Ramp Test until 12 weeks after the A event. All the time in Speciality Phase! 7 weeks after that I have another A event.

Basically, most of this year I will be in Speciality Phase, but that’s what Plan Builder wants to do. It will be interesting to see if this works or not.

Plan Builder simple makes a plan based on predefined rules. And data you supplied. That matters because you made choices related to your experience, prior training and target events. PB plugs that in and dumps out a plan.

Specialty leading into 2 A events makes perfect sense, assuming you already had some level of Base and Build, or selected the higher experience levels.

The real issue seems to be that you are not meeting the expectations of the workouts recently. You need to review the how and why to determine what’s happening with your training. Presumably, something (or things) are off the rails.

When that happens, you need to reevaluate the original plan and make necessary adjustments. Maybe you can fix on the fly with fueling, recovery and such. Or maybe the plan is wrong for other reasons, like insufficient Base or Build before you hit Specialty, too much volume, etc?

Who know without more info, but I think something is due for a change. If you maintain course, it sounds like you are headed the wrong direction.