Plan builder results interesting vs my initial plan

So I’m done with ssb2 HV and my thinking was going down the road of doing sustained power HV and then return to the base build specialty cycle to prep for CX season. I ran plan builder and it provides the following starting next week: SSB1, ssb2, short power, Cx, short power, CX until the end of November. As much as I’d love staying in the sweet spot safe space, I think a change of stimulus would help. Fortunately I have a week to make up my mind! Lol

What’s the start date of your plan builder plan? IIRC plan builder doesn’t take into account your previous training so will always start with a base.

What happens if you do plan builder on the start date of your SSB does that give anything different?

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Yeah I hadn’t thought of that I’ll have to go back and see what it does if I go back to November when I started SSB. Might make a difference

Edit: it did, it has me going short power build next, then CX and then the whole cycle again. So I may just go with the sustained power build route and some road specialty