Plan Builder/Standard Plan?

Hey all,
I have my A-race TT coming in June. I just finished my SSB 1 after returning to training in November (after my off season). I’m scheduled to begin SS2 just after Christmas. But since the plan builder was implemented, I went ahead and put my plans into that.
According to the plan builder I should begin SSB1 and build to my event. But I just did that. Should I just begin where it says and effectively repeat what I just did, only with a new FTP (I know it’s increased over the past weeks), or should I continue on as already planned and ignore the builder?
Any advice on how to best use the tools available to help me achieve my goals would be great. Cheers!

You can build your plan with Plan Builder starting in the past, when you started SSB1, or you can set the date to start after you finish your current SSB1. See what the differences are by laying out both schedules in Plan Builder and see which one you like best. You can do this by looking at the plan review at the end of the steps in Plan Builder and then simply hitting the back button to change dates, experience or whatever to see how it affects the plan.

There is no harm in repeating SSB1 if you “have the time”. Extra base is usually never a bad idea. For reference, I’m repeating SSB1 three times in a row, midway through the second currently, but each SSB1 I expect to be at a higher FTP. I’m doing this because I’m peaking for late August 2020, so I have plenty of extra time and I’m being cautious not to burn out or peak too early.


Didn’t know you could set the start date in the past. I will go ahead and play around with that and see what it comes up with. Also glad to know that SSB isn’t a bad thing to repeat (as long as FTP is adjusted). Especially considering it’s freezing/snowy out and I’m not getting out anytime soon! Thanks.

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The same thing happened to me. I didn’t try changing the date to prior my first ssb. I’m in my recovery week and plan to start ssb again at my new ftp next week. To be honest, I’m dreading it, lol. I know my ftp went up so I’m not really looking forward to the long sustained efforts at my new ftp, but fully know it will only make me stronger. I’d be curious as to what results you get with plan builder if you change the date

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I was technically supposed to have my recovery week this week, but I don’t want to ride much over Christmas so I just added an extra week. I’m using the same workouts but making sure my TSS is higher. I’ve gotten used to these types of efforts, so I guess more of them will be…easy(ish) to deal with mentally.