Advice needed on picking plan + plan builder

I need a bit of guidance of picking plan for next block starting March 2. First background:

Oct 14 - SSB LV1 started. Block completed with great compliance (no workouts skipped, couple replaced with other rides, CX races added)
Nov 26 - SSB MV1 started. Block completed, but slightly altered due to travel.
Jan 13 - two easy rides due to travel
Jan 20 - SSB MV2 started, but skipped ramp test and Tue/Thu due to getting sick
Jan 27 - Started week with ramp test
Feb 18 - SSB MV2 week six and week following will be replaced with gym/outdoor riding due to vacation

This is where my question comes in. Local race season starts mid April, which is composed of a few road races and a duathlon series (4 Tuesdays in may). My first A race is July 26th (bike leg of the Calgary IM 70.3 relay), so I’m treating it as a TT. Plan Builder has me doing SSBMV2 again Mar 2 - April 12, then into Sustained Power Build MV, and 40k TT MV plans. Since I just finished two SSBMV2 builds, and am getting a touch bored, what would be a good substitute? I like the 1-1:15hr/weeknight, and 1:30/2:00hr on weekends schedule.

If you change your experience level in Plan Builder, it’ll bias the recommendations differently. Lower experience leads to an emphasis on Base, higher experience leads to an emphasis on Build. Try running Plan Builder again but indicate a higher level of experience with intervals and see what you get: it should be more interesting for you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried advanced and expert, and they both resulted in the same plans. But, that gave me an idea to push back the start date to when my training started (Oct 14th). That results in a more interesting plan!

It has me finishing SSBMVII as per my current schedule, then:

  • Sustained Build MV (8 weeks)
  • SSBMVII (6 weeks)
  • 40k TT (8 weeks)

Which takes me up to the race, and follows up with a week of rest coinciding with my vacation after the race.

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Random off topic question but are you from the Calgary area or Alberta in general? I’m from Calgary myself and looking at seeing what’s out there in terms of races for beginners like me.

I’m from Winnipeg, but usually spend a week in Lethbridge every summer. My partner signed up for her first IM70.3 there and convinced me to do the relay (I’m not a strong enough swimmer to do tri).