Plan Builder Splitting Base Phases with extra Build? [SSB1 -> Build -> SSB2 -> Build -> Specialty]

I’m focusing on racing CX in the fall and just finished up SSBLV1. It seems Plan Builder wants me to go right into a full 8 week Build phase, then come back to SSBLV2.

Has anyone else split up the SSB phases like this before? I haven’t heard them recommending this on the podcast ever, though I don’t listen religiously.

Yes, and this was mentioned in the podcast. When you have time until your A event, you drop down to Build and perhaps do a bit of Base training. Previously, you had to do it by hand. Plan Builder does this automatically.

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Cool - thanks!

I plan on slowly adding z1/z2 riding to the LV plans to work my way back to riding 6 days a week by the time I hit my second build, and decided to switch the first build out from a short power one to a sustained power one.

I figure that it would be better to make this into an extended base period by just focusing on sustained power and holding off on the short power until I get closer to racing.

Adding Z2 is always a good idea if you have the time. However, I reckon Short Power Build is a much better fit as that tracks more closely with the power demands of cyclocross.

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I was just thinking that having two full short power builds in a year would be a bit redundant and perhaps boring, but I see your point. I definitely would keep the second build as short power.

I was keeping the idea of specificity progression in mind with this train of thought. Maybe a general build before I do the short power build would be more appropriate and give me a bit more variety?

Yes, Plan Builder gave me SSB —> GB —> RRR Specialty —> A event —> SSB —> SusPB. I have B and C events both before and after my A event.

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If boredom limits you, sure, mix it up. The most important thing is consistency in your training, not specificity.