Extending plan builder

So I used plan builder back in March to schedule out my workouts. I’m currently in my recovery week of SSB2 LV and starting the build phase next week. As it stands my build phase is only 4 weeks, but looking through the other plans they average 6-8 weeks.

Is there a way for me to extend the plan builder out for another 4 weeks?


Presumably, the plan was set based on A-Events or other time frame set by you in the original creation, and that lead to the shorter build.

Probably best to delete your entire plan and redo the PB from scratch. Also consider the conditions and events on your calendar before doing that, as they can and do influence the applied training plan.

Alternatively, if you are unsure about the future, apply a Build phase the “old way” on the calendar and evaluate your future once you get to the end of it.

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Thanks! I thought about just adding the build plan the “old way” but wasn’t sure if there was a functionality to extend it. Appreciate it!

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