Jumping into Build after a month off?

Hi TR gang!

I just have a question on what would be recommended to do. I finished SSBMV on Jun 14. I then proceeded to spend the next 6 weeks having rides all over the place. A lot more outdoor rides + some workouts and then spent the last 3 mostly taking time off due to minor injuries/soreness in the back. You can see the calendar in the screenshot.

I’ve definitely feel like I’ve lost some fitness I think so the question is should I still do more build phase now? Redo SSB2? Start maybe the last 2 weeks of SSB2 and then go build? What would you recommend?

Do you have a target event or time goal for your fitness?

Have you tried using Plan Builder to see what it suggests?

was going to ask the same as Chad

Hey Chad,

No target event or time goal. Just trying to hit close to 5w/kg over the course of a few years.
Plan builder recommends starting from scratch again with SSB1.

I would do it.

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  • Sure, that is likely because you set it with no end date, and the other choices you made for experience.

As a simple solution, restarting with SSB2 may be a reasonable shortcut, if you feel you still have enough “Base” from your recent riding. If that is not enough, a full reset seems right to me, since you have not dates in mind.


Awesome. Thanks so much!

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