Original Plan Overview is Wrong

It seems like there is something wrong when looking back at the original plan. Right now if I click it and go to my current day it shows a ramp test scheduled even though there is a normal workout on my calendar.
Current calendar:

Original plan overview:

I think this is because I changed plans to the “new” plans that were accidently released and it is thinking I should do a ramp test when switching back to the old plan, but that doesn’t really make sense.

I saw that on my “plan overview” as well. I think it’s an artifact of plan builder using a portion of a 6- or 8-week block to make the timing fit. The Calendar had the right workouts, and is where the app pulls “today’s workout” so I didn’t sweat it.

Edit: I checked it, and it seems to be inserting a Ramp Test into today’s date when you pull up the Plan Overview. If you look at it tomorrow I bet you’ll see the Ramp Test moved to March 26.