Oceania TT Championships 174 Days

Stick with me in this thread, might be something in it for every time trailer.

With 174 days remaining until the 2020 Oceania World Road Cycling Championships, and close to me in Tasmania, only a course I know well, I am going to enter and try and go top 15, at least be the fastest Master. And earn a UCI point. (A bucket list is to be fastest Master in Oceania)

With so many months and days ahead, I like to start with small goals keeping the bigger picture in mind. very focused on the process. Not the outcome so it doesn’t over whelm me mentally.

With 3 road races and 2 criteriums remaining for the rest of 2019 in the next month. All of my training for 2019 was based on time trialing (20K) and criterium (45min) for the Nationals in two weeks, alas I cant make it. Now I rest and work towards new goals.

The Oceanias is a 40.6km course, mostly flat, out and back, windy course. I think to go top 15, I would need an avg 320w @85kgs 3.7w/kg

@chad @Nate_Pearson @Jonathan With a current FTP of 346 (based on 30min power) What phases should I do, do the build, SST and speciality?

I like to do intervals in the morning, and a endurance ride in the afternoon, twice a week do two a days, avg 7-9hrs per week and 400-700 TSS. And most of my training done on the TT bike.

You want to got top 15 and you think that will take 320 watts. Currently you have an ftp of 346 watts. I don’t understand the problem here…?

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I agree that it sounds like you’ve already met your goal…but you can go faster of course!

You’re 24 weeks out and our plan structure is 28 weeks.

You’re going to go through these plans:
Sweet Spot Base I
Sweet Spot Base II
Sustained Power Build
40k TT

For what weeks to cut…just start on sweet spot now and we might be able to help you with the rest soon :wink:.


I chased TTs all over AU for a few years with a focus on the Masters Nationals each year, and a similar goal of being the fastest Masters rider on the day. One tip - Put as much focus into your equipment/aero as you do your training. Test. Test. Test. Test. Rely on the data. Equipment marketing is (mostly) bullshit. Use what is fast.

I stuck with an older TT helmet as it always tested faster for my position.


346 over 30min is different to 320 at an hour, previous best hour is 316w.

Top 10 is around 360w and all those guys are Young Pro’s. 330w will give me around 55mins on most good days.

Did you end up borrowing TT helmets and suits to test or did you just spend the money? Maybe return products after trying them out?

A bit of both, or test units from stores. I was always searching for a helmet with a visor that tested well on me, I never found one. And I tried them ALL. I think I have a few of them in boxes here somewhere. Von (my wife) was into TTs as well so she always liked the choice of helmets on offer in the house. :slight_smile:

*No visor/glasses tested fastest, so for the last year or two I was going hard on TTs I didn’t wear any. It was hell… especially in the cold and wind. Totally worth it though. Those times last forever, discomfort is temporary.


Wow, what kinda difference in watts would you get from not wearing a visor/glasses?

No watts… just time/speed/power data from long hill rolldowns and llloottss of velodrome tests on calm days. Not scientifically optimal, but free.

My one wind tunnel visit cost me 1000 to learn one thing - Keep my head DOWN, a lot. An expensive lesson in the obvious. Tunnels are great in theory (and for PR).. but it'd take days and a lot of to go through all the equipment variations and conditions/yaws/etc to make something of it.

Air pressure was another one we were looking at on the day for TTs. That was more of understanding why some days were faster/slower than others.


Hey mate, Im using a WASP, long tail. And yes visor on…Although people like the short tail, I don’t mind the long tail and the “feel” of it on my back, then I know Im in my flat back position. What I will be improving on is the high hand position thanks to Sync cockpit. It seems small but Im finding the best position for my head unit atm, I want to be able to read it, without moving my head too much, but also as aero as possible.
Gloves or no gloves?
Did you do a lot of your training on the TT bike? I do, it 95% on my TT bike on the trainer.

Thanks @Nate_Pearson Ive done exactly that - I believe in the process, the outcome will come eventually. Is there something your not telling us…just yet :wink:

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I still have a WASP here somewhere. Purchased as soon as they had AUS/NZ certification. It was way too big and bulky, and didn’t test all that great.

Gloves - Yep super thin lycra ones. No bulky padding (not required for a TT)

Training - All about time in the position, so yep. 90% was on the TT bike. 50/50 indoors and out. Being an indoor animal on the TT bike still needs to be converted to ‘outside’ fitness where you’re fighting the wind, road, bumps, and self pacing (as opposed to ERG forced pacing).

I’m not lucky enough to have a smart trainer, old school Lemond Trainer. There is the thought you should test with the wheels you will use to get used to them in all conditions. I do ride with my TT helmet from time to time.
What I would tell anyone is if there is a descent in your TT practice practice practice descending on the TT bike.

@Nate_Pearson @GPLama with the current plan as stated above, if I add in 2x 45min criteriums (next weekend - 1 is Masters the other is Open) and weekend after is a 90km road race. This topic has bee covered I know in podcasts, but whats the risk vs reward? And should I stick to the plan and have zero taper (did a technical TT today 8 45deg corners and 2 90deg corners - that hurt and I had nothing after sticking to the plan this week)

You’re deep into coaching/consulting detail now. This is where a good coach is worth their weight in gold… or their monthly fee (the latter usually being more expensive :slight_smile: )

105 *Days now
Plan is going 95% - family life. Fitting training around being a stay at home Dad can be challenging. I’ve done work that I never thought I could especially finishing 3 x 20 and crushing it. And going up to 700TSS a week knowing every session has been for a reason. Not worthless miles. When I need more motivation I jump into a Zwift race and complete the session. A week ago, I accidently, did a 40k TT @SST, which I’ve never done before. 320w, 1hr1min. 40k, 259m of climbing. Disappointed in the time, happy with the power. And 150m more climbing than the actual Oceania course. SO I think Im on track.

Looking at small details like helmets, I have the Lazer Wasp, but might ride a Kask Bambino. Speed socks paired with VeloToze shoe covers. And possibly a SS from NoPinz the TimeWarp

Still in the HV II plan, 1 week to go until sustained power build.


@GPLama Oceania have been cancelled. CT are withdrawing from hosting the Oceanias. Between the lines because they disagree with AusCycle

Ouch. Looks like competitive road is in a pretty bad state here in Australia. I stepped back from that side of things a few years back due to lack of progression / events / opportunity / etc. I found other ways to still be involved in cycling, even more so than when I was training/racing full time.

I’m still a fully paid member of Cycling Australia and the Veterans cycling body, so I hold two licenses… but I haven’t pinned a number on in a while. I’m a paid member to support the organisations. Next year I’m not sure what I’ll do. It’s looking unlikely I’ll renew with Cycling Australia at this point as I have no idea about their direction.

You’re not alone here, mate. It doesn’t help the fact that they’re distracting themselves by trying to bring all cycling disciplines together… again. :smirk:

I wish they would just bring it all together, makes a lot of sense, the model looks good. I also understand some states reluctance to do so though, since they have money in the bank, and the new system doesnt.

Hopefully something changes though, the current system is pretty broken