Training Advice, Second Peak

Hey all. Looking for some advice around my training. This past winter I did SSB1MV, SSB2HV, then sustained power build. I got into some specialty stuff but really by that point my early season was off and running, so I did a lot of racing and achieved a decent peak by late May. Was starting to see some results (a second place, first in bunch sprint & a very nice TT time that rivaled some riders in categories above me).

After that peak, I got married and went on vacation. Aside from some light riding in Italy, I was off the bike 2-3 weeks. Coming back, it is depressing how much fitness has left!! Anyways, I have around 8 weeks until my next goal event (a 40k TT followed a couple weeks later by a season ending circuit race). I was going to jump into 40k specialty, but I’m really not sure if the fitness will be there. Since I’ve been back I’ve been mainly endurance riding trying to get that base back. How do you guys think I should spend my next 8 weeks? Plan all along was an early season peak and late season peak. Just not sure how to get there. Thanks!

Personally I’d do half and half. 4 weeks build, 4 weeks peak/specialty.

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That or maybe 6 weeks of Sustained Power Build and the pull the last 2 weeks from the 40k TT Specialty. I think you need at least 4 weeks of the Build, as it will be more rewarding than the Specialty (which is meant to tune fitness, not build it).

Thanks guys. So obvious, but I hadn’t considered splitting it up.

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sounds like your intuition is correct; just get back and riding for 1-2 weeks, get your legs back underneath you. Then jump into a specialty plan and try for that goal event. All that will keep you ready to rip for the circuit as well. GOod luck and let us know if you need any help!


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