FTP rising to quick?

My off season test was 290 in December before starting base.

Now in the first week off build I’m pushing 350 watts!

Am I growing or peaking to fast?
Ps, it is my first year of real structure and my 3de year of cycling.

  1. How did you test your FTP? First and second.
  2. 20% up with structured training is not abnormal.
  3. Everyone is peaking too soon this year, especially if racing will return in 2021 :wink:
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December test was a 20 min test and last test was a Kolie Moore 40 minute test.

But it feels so freaking fast. I putting up numbers I haven’t done before and it’s not even April and I want to peak in July.

Hoping to ride some races this year :sweat_smile:

Or at least carry so me decent fitness into next year. For my shot at the Dutch national tt in 2021

So basically structured training works for you extremely well :slight_smile: I cannot see how you can peak with FTP and many of us want someday to say “my FTP is too high what can I do?” :slight_smile:

Peaking is rather controling training load and freshness and VO2 max (and as you want TTing it is not so important by my understanding).

humblebrag. meh

you can have mine. -40W @ 206W now. fair trade?

j/k btw. it’s a good gain. it’s typical for new trainees, but if you’re experienced, then that is surprising.

Try to hit 400W AT ALL COSTS.

Take no prisoners.


different ftp tests is a bit of a red flag, but as long as you can complete the workouts and aren’t dying going into the next one it’s all good. Most people see a lot of gains through base phase, and if you’re new or newer to structured training it’s possible to see big gains.

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I will try to hit that 400 if the body allows for it.

Workouts feel achievable. Some are harder then others but that is normal in my eyes.

I really like the longer FTP tests. I did two now and it just gives this sense of achievement.

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What do you weigh, out of curiosity? Age?

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I wish I had such problem :roll_eyes:

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24 and turning 25 in June. 96 kilogrammes (215lb) 190cm (6"3)

Did your weight remain the same?
If yes, then you react well to the training, which is nice. If not mistaken you could lose some KG’s if you want to up your W/KG ratio a bit. Anyway, just keep training, riding will be as hard in the summer, but at least you will go faster :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hard stuck at 96 kg for more then a year now. Trying to eat less tanks my training within days. And the annoying thing is that I can see my body get leaner but weight stays the same since my legs are growing even faster then my FTP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. So for now I’ll just keep pushing that w/kg for one end.