Unbound gravel race recap

Hello, just your typical bike rider who needs help. Yes, I put this in plan builder.

I have 14 weeks till I need to be able to throw down some watts for this event. I just finished my first 2 weeks of sitting on the saddle since December 8th when I had a small cyst removed on my sit bone.

2020 I had a good year, got over 4w/kg. I backed off riding around 9/20. I had CTL in the 30s from September till December.

2021 started off with workouts off the bike, and a CTL of 0. I just finished sweetspot base. Yes I did 3 weeks of intervals only standing. I finished the last 2 weeks very well 577 and 620 tss. I am on a rest week right now. In 2020 I was able to handle TSS into 1000 a few weeks in a row, it appears I had 1000, 700, 1000, 700, 700 block in there.

I am pretty happy with where I am at right now. CTL is 40 lower then last year and my ftp is right where it was a month after riding only for fun. Due to my injury I do not have the base I had last year. My question is should I do 3 more weeks of sweet spot prior to general build, or should I just launch right into general build.

I am leaning towards general build I will add long rides on the weekends. Last year I would attack my weekend rides like a race this year I might hold off on that for a few months till I build up more of a base.

Ideas, changes I might need to consider?

Hi, If you have the data you can check Efficiency Factor as it begins to plateau over time then you know you have enough base to move on.

Eff = Normalised power / Average heart rate for example a 30 minute ride at Zone 2.

So if you have data for December then compare with Now example My 21st Nov was 174W/145 heart rate = 1.2 and now 23rd January 190w/134 = 1.41 at the end of base so i was ready to move on.


That sounds awesome, never heard of that. I have never used HR just power. Ill get a HR strap purchased, and can use that metric moving forward.

Hi, Its from Joe Friel Book Faster after 50.

You can also look at analysis of Decoupling This is where you look at the Efficiency Factor in the first half of a segment and compare to a same segment in the second half of a training session.

Joe says if one divided by the second should be within 5% .

My example is 177NP/138 HR (1.28261) in a zone 2 segment in the first 30min of the ride and 1 hour later doing the same zone 2 176NP/145Hr… (1.2138) approx 1.05 he states in the book 10% would indicate not fit or ready to move on.

These metrics were new to me this year and have meant moving on was not Guess work

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I started general build high volume today.

Goodluck :rofl:

Thanks. I was spending more time trying to figure out what to do, then doing it. If I start to get bogged down, ill take a few days of rest. When it doubt power out

Getting out tomorrow for some gravel, see how the new rig goes. Only one set of spd cleats so I cant take both bikes and see which one i like better.

That is what I am doing! I did 6 weeks of General Build since I was peaking for a different event… now that Unbound is my main event… I am adding 3 more weeks of General Build. I will transition to Specialty Rolling Race in April 11.

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You able to get outside for volume?

Yesterday was my first day outside… somewhat cold. I think I am going to try to do 1 to 2 rides outside a week.
This will increase as the weather gets warmer. I’ll keep some intervals inside.

Being a “Rodie”… I want to get some gravel experience prior to Unbound. Gravel Handling skills…

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I am also a roadie, but have 3 years of gravel now. It really helps to ride gravel and understand some of the issues you run into, like steep climbs and limited traction.

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First time outside, knocked out 100miles
I’m down 40w from last year and 10lbs heavy.
Tss is at 998 for first week of training general build

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73mile gravel race last weekend, 72mile gravel race I just did today and a 74mile gravel race in two weeks. Road century two weeks after that. TR during the week and then trying to get miles and miles and miles on weekends.

Today’s race felt better than last week’s, just progressing with nutrition, pacing and bike handling. 14 weeks will go by fast.


I hope I start feeling better. This was my first ride over 2hr30min in 6 months.

My goal is a century a week

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Great work keep it up. You replacing weekend workouts with rides?

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Nope. I’m LV and do those Mon Tue Thu. Long rides Saturdays being one of the gravel races I have scheduled or with the local B group on the road, which I will ride to and from the start/finish to add mileage towards 80-100. Sundays are 1-1.5hr active recovery only preferably outside. I’m in South Georgia so heat adaptation is already happening…86* yesterday.

I’ve just added the longer rides/races in the past few weeks so my body is still adjusting to the added TSS, but getting there…I went from a couple 40mi road rides to BOOM 70+mi gravel races. Not the smartest idea, but I’ve historically been able to handle lots of volume. Really focusing on my sleep and recovery as I’m 51. Can’t afford to over train or injure myself and ruin my build up.

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Next week’s century will feel better!

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Spring is in the air when you get outside twice and get rained on. Both time you have to swap chains


Uhh… You did 0.91 IF for over 5hrs. For your first long ride in 6 months.

Something is wrong.