170km race in 22 weeks. 16weeks for plan/s, what should I do?

Undulating + 2 major climbs 3000m elevation gain all up.

About to start the 6week sweet spot base - low volume 1. This is just added to the week. I’ll be doing gym 1 day a week track racing 1 day a week and one of the sessions plus a 60km 900m elevation ride before the session which will be later in the day. With another 80km ride and race with 1200m elevation the next day.

After the 6 weeks are up I’m not sure what I should be doing for the 180km race. I need to work on building up more distance to my rides and races so majorly endurance

I’m fairly new to trainer road programs, so haven’t got specific plan recommendations.
Having recently done a 200km road race with similar climbing and also a endurance mtb event.

I personally focussed on getting in a lot of steady state intervals and then once a week went out and did a long ride in the hills about 4-5hrs. I didn’t focus much on top end power.

Be careful with doing the track racing weekly that it isn’t to much to get effective intervals in.

With the endurance events, you really need to have time in the saddle to know what it is like to be on the bike for 6+hrs and get the body/mind ready.

Good luck

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Sweet spot base 1 and 2 is 12 weeks. Then sustained power build is 8 weeks. With the amount of extra riding you’re doing, you could just space it out a little.

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Okay, thankyou.

Yea, I love track racing. It also sort of helps with getting “raw speed” training. The weekly stuff I will be doing though is not too long or intense.

I’ll work on the longer time period as the longest is like a bit over 4 hours at an average of 30km/h (18.6mph)

Will have a look at that. I just have Team Time Trial Champs in 6 weeks. Do you recon it would be alright to do the sweet spot base 1 and 2 but cut the last 2 weeks of sweet spot base 1 so I can fit in the 8 week sustained power build?

Yes, you could do that. Just make start SSB2 with the ramp test to make sure you’re setting your training zones right.

As a note, I think the ‘FTP’ you get from the ramp test is mainly good for setting the power numbers for the TR workouts. It may or may not be similar to what you can do on the road.

Will do that. I’m pretty sure all plans start with the test. Yes it dose determine your work power zones

lots of tempo, sweet spot, and some vo2max.