No Ramp test base 1

Been using TR for over a year, but just used plan builder to create a plan for some upcoming (???COVID-19???) events. It’s a long lead in to two events, but the Base 1 created to begin the plan has no ramp test at start. The first ramp test of the plan is in week 6 (beginning of base 2). Is this the norm?

Similar situation for me. Logic says plan builder should start with a Ramp test. However it didn’t program a test until week 4 for me. Obviously I had two options just do a ramp test, or continue on using the existing FTP from my previous block.

That was me as well. I did however select the option that said I had done interval training before. I thought maybe that was why there was no ramp test scheduled.
I just figured it was better to jump straight in and adjust to suit. Now it seems If I hit up a new plan it starts with a ramp test no matter what.

What options did you select?

I would always start with an FTP test - ramp/20/8 whatever unless you have been using power previously and know your zones in which case you could adjust as your fitness improves in an incremental manner. I started with a ramp test last October after a summer of racing and a couple of weeks break/non structured easy riding - I’m not fussed at present as there is no racing but I will do one when I start structured training again.

This is dfinitely not the norm; it should prescribe a Ramp Test as the first workout no matter what. Go ahead and replace your first workout with the Ramp Test and then proceed with your plan as recommended.

If you have the chance, could you also report this to our Support Team so that we can look into this issue? We want to keep track of bugs like this so that we can track them down and work with the Dev team to resolve them as soon as possible :+1:.

Had the same with my build that I did last week, I just did the ramp test and the first workout on the same day :smiley:

Same for me. Plan builder with no Ramp test at the beginning of the SSBMV


Ok - thanks for the info - by the look of some of the replies, it’s happening a fair bit - I wonder if the “interval experience” variable had an impact as someone else has pondered in the thread.

Looking into this issue, it appears that the Ramp test is left off when you set the start date of your plan in the past. It should still prescribe the Ramp test as the first workout, but it’s not working quite right.

I have written up an issue for it, and we will be working with our Development Support team to prioritize and resolve the bug :+1:.

In the meantime, go ahead and sub-out your first workout for the Ramp Test and you’ll be good to go.


Just wanted to add that I’m experiencing the same issue. This is my first time using plan builder, but it hasnt scheduled a ramp test for me until the beginning of week 7.

Easy enough for me to replace the first workout in week 1 with a ramp test, but thought I’d share my experience.

Same here.