Plan Builder - Missing Ramp Tests

As my event for the year was cancelled, I’ve cleared my previous plan and started to create a new one. With the current disrupted sleep patterns and general stress 40kTT specialty and 50 mins at threshold didn’t fit.

I created a plan to start this coming Monday (27th April) to run to my event on the 5th June next year. The overall plan is great. I like the idea of re-doing base and build. I know that I need to ensure that I’m doing the sustained effort workouts well as I think that’s my weakness, I can do SS extended intervals but once I get to threshold they seem so much harder.

At the beginning of every phase, plan builder hasn’t added a Ramp Test but Goddard -4 where I would expect a ramp test to be. I tried a couple of times to see if I was doing something silly. I chose (Mid time, mid volume then advanced and expert (to see if there was a difference))

I’ve raised with support but has anyone else seen this?

I can’t search right now, but this has been reported by others, and acknowledged by TR.

You can search to find the TR comment (Bryce, I think).

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You’re right, it was mentioned in passing in conversation about not picking up events.

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Is it possible that you set your start date as a date in the past? We have a current issue with the PLan Builder leaving off the Ramp Test in these situations; you can learn more below.

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Yes sure. To clarify, it’s not just the SS Base 1, it’s Base 2, Build and Specialty.

Ah, I took a look at your account and I see the issue.

I’ve been chatting with our Product Manager Brandon to figure out what went wrong here. It looks like if you move the first day of the week to not be the first workout day anymore, it will swap out ramp tests for another workout.

This is a bug of course, and we have made this a high-priority issue for our Development Team to resolve.

It looks like you have a Support Ticket open, so we will follow up with you in that thread :+1:.

As a software developer, you never want to be one of those users. :joy: