Best carbohydrate regime for workouts first thing in the morning

A recent podcast (couple of weeks ago I think) talked about this - possibly Nate, Hannah, Jon discussing carb intake timing. They seemed to be saying that you should either take something on board at least 45mins before or within 15 mins before.
For early morning workouts I struggle to get up and eat something more than 45 mins before, but I need a bit of time to get going. So I typically get up, have a coffee then eat a Decathlon fruit jelly a few minutes before starting or even just before. This seems to work ok - it gives me something a bit more solid in the stomach than a gel but is really digestible. And then I drink a normal bottle (note that I’m typically putting 60-90g of carbs in a bottle, following the “homemade SIS Beta” thread : Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle ).
Depending on time afterwards I might then eat a more normal breakfast, or just chocolate milk/recovery drink.

So pretty close to what you’re doing, but with gel/jelly much closer to the start of the workout. The podcast discussion did talk about how timing is variable for individuals, so it’s worth experimenting a bit.