Low Volume Plan: Which Workout Would You Prioritize?

Just what the title says. I recently completed a cycle started back in November, made of Base / Sweet Spot Base I, Sweet Spot Base II, Build: all completed in low volume.
I’m now back to square one with Sweet Spot Base I, but with the weather getting nice and longer light days, it’s common to skip two out of the three planned workouts in favor of group ride.

Roughly the three workouts of SSBI can be split in VO2max work (1hr), Sweetspot (1hr), Sweetspot/Threshold (1.5 hr).
If you could only train once a week, which workout would you complete between the three?
And if you could train twice a week, and the first workout is VO2max, what would you do next? 1hr or 1.5hr?

It would absolutely depend on the nature (length, intensity etc) of the group ride. Without knowing that info…i dont think its possible to answer the question.

Good point.
One group ride is 50km and fast tempo (around 30/31 km/h), and 570m elevation gain (three short climbs, not very punchy) and 31 km/h average.
The weekend group ride is 80km, slower tempo (around 28km/h) and around 800-1000m elevation gain. The terrain around here is mostly rolling hills.

it sounds to me like your getting plenty of volume and sweet spot/ tempo, So i’d be looking at the V02max, unless that spirited group ride is frequently pushing you up into that V02 max range.


When you talk about “tempo”, you’re referring to the pace of the group, not your power zone, correct?

What does your power data look like on these group rides?

If only doing 1 workout per week on TR, I’d do the v02 workout as sounds like you are getting bit of everything else with group rides.


Yes, I’m referring to pace. I don’t have a powermeter (yet), so I don’t have any power data, only Strava estimates.

I had a similar question here:
Replace VO2 or Threshold workout with outdoor ride

Responses seemed to put VO2 Max as a high value indoor training session.

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You could re-state your question from this perspective: “As the weather gets nice, I’ll do most of my riding outdoors with a group. If I add only ONE structured training ride, what should it be?”

Like @RobertSims I would probably opt for a VO2max workout. This (for me) is the most difficult type of workout to replicate outdoors, and is about the most antisocial way to ride with other humans. Consequently it’s likely to be the energy system you hit the least when primarily riding with a group.

Yes, I think you’re right and starting today I have been opting for VO2 max workouts. Coincidentally, I feel like I’m not very good at them, so one more reason to insist on those, in order to improve.

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