New to TR - Need Advice on Best Way to Get Gains

So I am new to road biking - got my first one about a year go and also did an Olympic Tri last year and one this year. I have nothing scheduled in the near future and plan to just weight lift, swim and bike outside and on my new Kickr Core trainer. Which TR plan should I choose? Deciding between SweetSpot Base and Olympic low volume. Just trying to see which will give me the best results long-term. I did the ramp test and my ftp is 162 (2.4 ftp/kg) - pretty disappointed in this number given I am young and in pretty good shape, but hoping for some big gains!


Are you planning on Tri’s or general cycling focus?


  • Follow the appropriate Base, Build, Specialty for the distance you intend to do.
  • Set the timing by starting with the Specialty applied to the calendar with your target date.
  • Then do the same for Build and Base, and your calendar will be set.


  • Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2, Low Volume recommended for riders new to indoor training
  • General Build, Low Volume
  • Specialty of your choice, or return to SSB 1 & 2 repeat, for general use.

Tris, but I thought starting w/ sweet spot would help me get up to speed faster

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Sure, if that fits into your schedule and you are looking to improve your cycling base, that makes sense to me.

Trust the process, follow the plan (including rest/recovery). It works.

btw: “Low Volume” is not really low volume if you supplement/include in your plan sufficient (weekly if you can) long, low intensity endurance rides that are really important for building your aerobic base, training yourself to burn fat as fuel, getting comfortable being in the saddle for long periods of time and dialing in your nutrition. [The importance of these rides has been repeatedly drilled into me by our Cat 1 racers.]

FWIW: I entered TR starting at MV but had a base fitness above what the High Volume plan called for. I used the MV approach (I modify workouts to meet my specific needs) with weekly long endurance rides and continue to do so. In aggregate: MV modified + endurance > high volume. For you, LV + endurance = or > MV.