Sweet spot base part 1 vs part 2 (only doing 6 weeks of base)

I am manual entering a plan leading up to when my plan builder plan starts in January (I am starting a triathlon plan in January but I only want to bike until then).
So I was thinking to do 6 weeks of base and 8 weeks of build.
I am wondering if I should choose SSB part 1 or 2 for the 6 weeks of base.
Any feedback on why one may want to choose one over the other when only doing 6 weeks of base?

how much training experience do you have? and which volume plan are you planning on following? and which build plan+volume?

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Part 1 has a lot more steady state efforts like what you will be aiming to do in triathlon. Part 2 throws in some VO2 work so it has workouts that nudge up all the systems. I’d say just pick which of those options most interests you and roll with it. I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them. That said, the introduction of VO2 in build after heavy steady state could be a bit jarring if you’re not prepared to handle those kinds of efforts.

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Good questions.
I will have been on TR for about a year and a half. I have mostly been doing low volume, however, if it matters I am doing stuff about 5-8 hours per week regularly as I fill in the 3 TR rides with an additional endurance ride, an outdoor ride when weather is good, and I also run and swim (when the pools were open).
I will probably try general build the next time as I have done sustained power build twice.

Good to know.
I think I may do SSB part 2 then, followed by general build (as I have never done general build).
In January my plan builder plan will start and I will be going through the half distance progression so that should prepare me accordingly.

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Mash it up. I love doing a hybrid of both plans. Usually I do something like weeks 4 and 5 of SSB1 followed by 3 4 5 of SSB2. Or Ill pick some of my favorite workouts and plug them in to tweak TSS and interval lengths in a hybrid of the two.

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Here’s a plan I recommended to someone a few months ago that was asking a similar question:

So, my final recommendation based on looking at six weeks of work (seems like that’s what you have), wanting a little break, but wanting to stay fit:

  • Do weeks 4 and 5 of SSB1MV
  • Follow with weeks 3-6 of SSB2MV, except:

(In order of easiest to most difficult:)

  • Replace the VO2max progression with either Brasted - Rattlesnake - (Pick a longer interval workout (Dade -1 or Huffaker))
  • Replace the VO2max progression with Dade -1 - Huffaker - Spencer +2
  • Replace the VO2max progression with Huffaker - Spencer +2 - Kaiser
  • I would also recommend the longer Zone 2 ride options in place of the long sweet spot intervals for you… and because this is a tough workout block. I feel better doing the Z2 work longer than beating myself up with more sweet spot after, say Mary Flippin’ Austin.