Low Volume Build long term?

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I’ve completed the base training sections and now the first block of the Low Volume Short Power build. I haven’t trained or raced in over 5 years and would love to build my power back up. I’d like to spend the next 12 months building back up my FTP.

Is repeating the Low Volume Build blocks a good way to do this?


No. Repeating a single phase is not recommended in most cases.

If you are planning a return to prior fitness, common recommendations for repeats is this:

  • Sweet Spot Base
  • Build Phase (for this, I would choose a different Build each time to get variety and change stress)

You can include or skip the Specialty phase as desired. Avoid the mistake of simply repeating the same stress. You will gain more, sooner with some variety to your body, and you will also keep your mind guessing too (which is equally as important to avoid stagnation and boredom).


Great advice :+1:

Our general recommendation is to include the Specialty Phase, even if you do not have a target event.
This process of peaking and then starting the cycle over again tends to be more condusive to fitness gains in the long run.

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Thanks for all of the replies!

What about doing a different low volume build phase? For instance I’m currently doing the Low Volume Short Power Build. What if I do the Low Volume Sustained Power Build next?

Same deal. You’re heaping build stress on top of build stress. You’ll probably be better off running a specialty plan, THEN doing a “rebuild” if you want because the specialty plan will necessarily taper you and allow enough recovery before going back into a build. Base - Build - Build is a good way to burn yourself out considering that TR’s builds are all 8 weeks long. Traditional periodized training models have you do 8 weeks of build before a Peak phase. I’d recommend one of the following:

SSB 1/2 -> Build -> Specialty -> Build -> Specialty … SSB1/2


SSB 1/2 -> Build -> SSB 1/2 -> Build -> Specialty

I would not personally recommend back to back build phases.

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The option to build, peak, re-build, etc. has been discussed a fair bit, but with your timeline I think it’s worth considering an extended base period. You can expect to gain power just from sweet spot part 1 and 2, but it will also help develop a bigger aerobic base which should lead to reaping bigger rewards when you get closer to actually racing and start the build/specialty process.