How many times can you repeat Build phase?

Hi all,
Trying to figure out a training calendar and need advice. I want to do a few races in 2019, March 9th A and March 31st B. I have already done a base-build-specialty and another build this year. Now, If I start a Build phase and then I do a specialty again it would work pretty perfectly for the A event on March 9th but what do you do as far as staying sharp for the March 31st race? Also, Is doing this ok, would benefit me? or should I start all over with at Build phase?
Thanks in advance for the help!

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Any sage advise from a fellow TR user?

Make sure you are taking a down-turn for 1-2 weeks. Could be no riding, easy riding, or some combo of fun stuff, but ditch the structure for a real break.

The Base/Build/Specialty, Break, Build/Specialty is usually the main recommendation. It seems possible to jump back into a Build/Specialty again. But you want to realize that you can’t maintain a “peak” or that high performance indefinitely.

You need a break for mind and body. That and there are good reasons to return to Base at least once every year.

As far as stretching a fitness period, it seems they recommend some combo of work and/or taper weeks from the Specialty phase. Look at your timing and needs for maintaining that fitness.

But again, I think it’s important to recognize that stretching like this has very real limits. Either you will drop in fitness, get sick or simply burn out, as likely outcomes. So, be mindful and careful.


Agree with @mcneese.chad’s comments on resting and returning to Base each year.

I would just like to add that even though you might see the biggest increase in FTP in a Build cycle, if you repeatedly cycle through the same training type and stress, your body will get used to it and you won’t continue to adapt and improve. (I have to repeat this to myself every time I try to mental gymnastic my way into repeating Build).

With regards to training between your two races - I think it depends on what kind of racing you’re doing and how you personally handle recovery. But if it were me racing two 70.3s three weeks apart (I have not done this but I’m considering it for the spring), I would hypothetically:

  1. Reduce the TSS in my A race taper slightly from what the plan says
  2. Be incredibly disciplined about my A race recovery week, only starting to bring in intensity around day 4 or 5 and in small amounts to see how I’m recovering
  3. Likely select the second week from the second half of the Specialty plan, and really monitor how I’m feeling during any high intensity work
  4. Repeat taper week.
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Thanks for the advice, it’s a really interesting perspective on the effects of hard training in the body and mind, I’m taking this week off the bike and will get back on next week.
After this build-specialty I was thinking I would go back to Base-build-specialty to get ready to the 6 GAP ride in Georgia.

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Solid post, @EKF. Well said.

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Thanks for the advice!

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