Base to Build or Return to Base

I’m just about to finish the Base period off the complete annual road plan. Next up is Build.
I’ve got no racing planned this year and obvs Corona is a big issue for most.
Q: Carry on following the annual plan to commence the Build phase or return to the beginning and do the Base period over again?

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It seems like the general verdict is that if you’re not training for anything specifically at the moment, then there’s no harm in going through the rest of your plan and starting back over. This is a good way to have your fitness gains over time rather than doing an extended base followed by specialty later (get through 2 training periods rather than 1 with a long base). If it were me I would go through build then forego the specialty, therefore returning to the beginning after Build is done

The coach’s have discussed this in relation to people not having events or races and just want to train for fitness and they prescribed doing base, build, base, build etc. the switch of focus is also a mental stimulus and build and base differ in type of work - this way you can do the same workouts but with an improved fitness and FTP.

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im in a similar situation. however my goal is to lose weight. So I’m thinking of repeating Base for the lower intensity and ability to fast more often. one thing you can do is repeat the last week of your base program to extend it and gain a little more. then go to build and repeat base that way you will have a good base at your new higher FTP. It also depends on how long you have been riding /training? if your new to indoor training repeating base might not hurt.