I’m not looking to peak for any particular event, just looking to gain fitness and build FTP. As such, I am planning to do Base–>Build then restart back to Base. I’m 34 years old at 75kg with a 216FTP starting week 7 of Low Volume Build (after LVSSB). My FTP went up 3 watts from the start of Build to this chunk of Build, and I changed my measurement tool and bike from SSB to Build so the previous numbers are not worthwhile.

If I’m going back and looking to start over without going through Specialty, should I only plan for the 1 week of recovery at the end of Build? Should I be planning to take more recovery? If I do take more rest time and noodle around for fun before restarting, does that mean “never go above 75% FTP” or does that mean “never go above 95% FTP”, or just “take a week off and don’t even think about zones.”

Mentally, I could do Base–>Build all year. I have no problem sticking to something without variety. I’m more worried about physically overtaxing if I restart, or, is this not really something I should worry about since I’ve been on a Low Volume plan the whole time?


Whaaaaat DO SPECIALITY! There’s a lot to be said for the gains made in that phase, plus it’s fun to enjoy the fruits of your labor by feeling sharp and top-end fit.
+1 vote for Specialty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Really? All the podcasts and blog posts I’ve heard/read over the last 5 years say that the speciality phase isnt necessary. Has this thought changed?

Sure its definitely fine to repeat base and build, but the gains we see in Specialty we speak to pretty regularly! Specialty is a good thing! :relaxed:

From ‘Training Plan Guide / Specialty Phase Training’:

“Research demonstrates, integrating specialization into a dedicated training phase spurs the human body to adapt specifically to the activities the individual participates in.”

and from ‘The Basics of Specialty Training’:

“Establishing base fitness paves the way for workloads that are heaped higher & higher during build training. With both forms of conditioning buttoned up, the intent is now to top off your fitness, uncover a high level of freshness and lock down your confidence over these final 8 weeks of training.”


I’m the same boat here, just about to finish short power build; the crit specialty looks more fun then another base so I’ll do the crit.

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Since you’re not training for anything in particular do whatever will keep you interested, but you’re fine to repeat the base–>build cycle. One week of recovery should be plenty, but listen to your body.

I’m similarly not training for anything in particular so I did SSB over the summer then Short Power Build because I stink at short power. I just finished a modified 4-week SSB and am starting Sustained Power Build next week. This will be my third base—>build cycle without any specialty.

I had the same questions. I think i will not be able to race because of covid (at least before 6th months) and i really look for improving my ftp. So which method should i follow? Base-build-base-build speacility ? Or base-build-speacialty-base-build so on…

If you have events you think you will race I recommend seeing what Plan Builder gives you. Otherwise I personally think base-build-base-build-specialty is fine.

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I’m somewhat in the same boat. I ran plan builder the other night and with no events it ran me through base/build repeatedly until it put me into specialty 8 weeks out from the end date I selected. I followed this approach this year with COVID and canceled events and had pretty good gains.