What block to do after General Build? General Build again, maybe?

Background: I completed “low volume SS base” I, then LVSS base II, and am now coming to the end of “low volume general build”. I’d been realizing small FTP gains at each ramp test, except for the last one where I tested the same. I attribute that to being busy with work and missing workouts in the first half of the build block.

Question: for my next block, might it make sense to just do the “low volume general build” again? I’m not training for any particular event date, just trying to get stronger to enjoy long/hard rides more.


It’s not usually recommended to do back-to-back Build phases. May not be as much of an issue for Low Volume for some riders, but Build is often the most intense and demanding phase.

The usual recommendation for training without a target event is Base to Build, then back to Base and repeat as desired. Or you can move on to a Specialty phase, just for the sake of changing up the training in that way.

Cool, thanks. Another round of base sounds good. I often substitute the 3rd workout for a freeform outdoor ride anyway, so get variety that way. (I probably get slower FTP growth this way bc it undermines the structured program somewhat, but I can live with that)

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Good to keep it fun if you can. Better to do that vs be “serious” and burn out. :smiley: