After Specialty

So I am about to finish the Olympic XC specialty phase (low volume). I started with the general build phase (also low volume). I believe I had a pretty solid base before starting this structured training so I went right to the build phase. Things went well, FTP 258 to 290 at 170 lbs. It looks like the suggested next step is perhaps a couple weeks off then back to sweet spot base. The problem is I find sweet spot pretty boring and hard to gather the motivation to grind through those particular workouts. Any plan I choose will be low volume to allow for outside riding on off days to keep me sane. I feel like I can sustain a higher TSS than the low volume plans ask for so the addition of outside riding hasn’t ruined me for training days.

I feel like I could go straight into another build phase after this specialty. Is that a bad idea?

I race throughout the spring/summer. I change race week training to fit with weekend races. I do not really have a target A race in mind, just trying to push the fitness as much as possible. While I am looking for future gains I understanding that race reason is quickly approaching. Is the better next step after this specialty going to be back to a base program of back to a build phase.

Hey there! You’ve already made awesome gains, congratulations!

I wouldn’t say you have to go back to Base, in fact, my first recommendation would be to repeat Build>Specialty throughout your season. This is the most exciting approach (I understand where you’re coming from on the Base workouts), but it’s also a great way to continue pushing your fitness up.

Check out this article in our Help Center for a bit more info on repeating the Build phase: